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Jeremy Marais Certified Hakomi Therapist
Jérémy Marais

My Journey

I was born in the french Alps and I've been a musician my whole life, studying traditional music in various parts of the world, including West Africa, India, Spain, Turkey, Israel, South America.


About 15 years ago with the discovery of Meditation, I started to give a different intention to the music I play, giving a strong emphasis on the healing qualities of music.

In 2012 I got the chance to spend 2 month in the Peruvian Amazon studying with traditional healers, it was the most transformative experience of my life, since then I started to develop a strong interest in psychotherapy and the healing arts.

The Modalities I studied

- Certified Hakomi Therapist

- Certified in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from CIIS. (California Institute of Integral Studies)
- Certified EMOTIONAL CLEARING Facilitator 

- ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor.

- R-CS (Re-Creation of the Self) with Jon Eisman.

- From Trauma to Dharma with Manuela Mischke Reeds

- Healing Trauma (Peter Levine)
- AEDP basic training

- Practicing Cognitive Trance since 2017 (technique based on traditional Mongolian Shamanism)

What I Offer


I truly believe there is a place inside each of us that feels safe and good, once we slow down and take the time to (re)connect there, then things start to look and feel different. From this ressourced place it is so much easier to meet and explore the challenges of life. 

About: Inner_about
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