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Testimonials: Testimonial

Jérémy has been an incredible source of help, insight and healing during the darkest times of my life.  I can't say enough about how positively transformative my work with Jérémy has been.  He is kind, generous, insightful and a deep source of spiritual inspiration, compassion and love.

Jake, Lawyer, New York

"As a Clinical Psychologist, I was extremely impressed at the skill and intuitive healing ability that Jérémy demonstrated. His warm, gentle and highly attuned style invites you to dive into the depths of your being - but in a style and at a pace that is completely natural. The result is empowering - you can see and work with 'furniture' of your mind and heart more fluidly and unlock wholeness and other ways of being in the world. I highly recommend him and the brilliant way that he uses the highly integrative Hakomi Method."

Yochi Ress, Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg South Africa

Invitation to the Sound Being

"Jeremy Marais is not only a gifted musician, but a highly intuitive guide to the mysteries of sound healing.

Although I know myself as a visual being, sound has always been a trusted companion in my soul journeys,
so I was very curious to experience what Jeremy was offering.

While I find it hard to remember any specific sequence of events, my session started simply with Jeremy inviting me to close my eyes and become aware of sound itself...from the road outside, the house inside, and my own primal sounds---my breath, my heartbeats, other body movements. Though meditative in nature, what followed were more invitations to hum, to sing, to play with the sounds of his own voice, his shruti-box, the plaintive melody of the saxophone, his waving bells as their sound traced a path through the air like musical incense. I found my own voice, responding to all the other sounds, unconscious of any effort, flowing in and out like the tide. In all this, Jérémy was a highly intuitive and attuned guide, creating the trusted spaces where I felt myself surrendering totally to the experience of inner and outer sound, until my being became sound itself.

And to me, this surrender was the core and the essence of sound healing, the gift of letting go and becoming at one with sound. At the end of the session, I felt a heightened sense of awareness and a serenity and inner peace, and most of all a sense of wonder about the sounds I had made and heard. I look forward to more sessions with Jérémy, and further deeper explorations of my sound being."

Amal Moulik, Walnut Creek California

"Jérémy created a profound space for me to heal parts of myself that were in need of balance, compassion and love. The combination of theta healing, sound healing and his intuitive channeling techniques is unparalleled and he is an extraordinary space holder that can help anyone looking to shed the old and bring in the new, providing so much support in the process!"

Rachel Sillman, Los Angeles California

"Usually I am the one offering soundhealing journeys for others, but today I was on the receiving end… and what a divine gift that was! Through a sequence of guided meditations, all the while offering an empathetic ear and a gentle, reassuring presence, Jérémy created a safe container for me to experience the ability of sound vibration to release stress around a certain issue lodged in my body, specifically in my heart. Through toning, observation, articulation and reflection, combined with deep breathing, relaxation and immersion in a sound bath of shruti drones and singing tuning forks, I was able to identify the source of my particular conflict and to clarify why I struggled so with it.


Using the tools, the highly effective sound and breathing techniques Jérémy provided, I was able to embrace the discomfort and disappointment associated with the conflict, to release its grip on my psyche by re-contextualizing it, altering my attitude, my breath and thus the very nature of a marginalized relationship that needed time and space to heal.


By the end of the hour, I felt more at peace, less conflicted, and grateful for Jérémy’s loving help in remembering that while we can’t change other’s behaviors, we CAN change our own. And that when we utilize time-proven sound healing tools such as these, they can help unravel the confusion and stress associated with many personal issues, energetically infuse new life and possibilities into unfulfilling relationships, and offer positive ways to cope with what is happening around and inside of us.


Jérémy Marais is a certified CIIS Sound Healer and theta healing practitioner, in addition to being an exquisite musician. To him, I offer my enthusiastic endorsement."

Suellen Primost, cellist, life coach and fellow soundhealer

"My Session with Jeremy was a blessing in a moment of being lost in a lack of self recognition and strong physical blockages. 

From the beginning I felt that Jeremy was capturing my state of being. He held my consciousness with a focused patience that allowed me to realize step by step my own state, which leaded me to a big relief of pain through a wave of tears. After that I felt lighter and able to see a clear line of horizon of possibilities for new steps in my life.

After many years and lots of experience with healers and healing 

practices the session with Jeremy stays as a precious reference of work that changed me, that recognized me and supported my sustaining self healing growth."

Clara Dorothee, Berlin Germany

"I LITERALLY feel stronger, better about myself and more grounded right now. That IS amazing! This kind of improved self esteem is not always that easy to achieve in traditional "talk therapy" sessions.

I get such an infusion of healing energy when we work together, working with Jeremy is a transformative experience that helps me deepen my capacity for connecting with others in a heart centered way."


When I went in for my first vibrational healing session with Jeremy, I didn’t know what a treat I was in for.  Jeremy’s years of musical experience and deep intuition combined to create a distinctive alchemy that led me on a charmed and transformative journey. I found that the vibration of sound, music, and voice penetrate deep unconscious layers in ways that are both subtle and profound.  I emerged from the session feeling literally re-tuned.

Keren Stronach, MPH, Berkeley CA

The morning after my first sound healing session with Jeremy, I woke up refreshed and had a sense of optimism, lightness and joy that I hadn't felt in years. Jeremy' openness, gentle sensitivity & expert guidance helps me feel safe enough to explore places within that scare me, embrace them with compassion and​ emerge feeling center and stronger.


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