1353 Curtis St
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Healing Sessions

Mindful toning

We use our voice as a vibrating tool, like if we would be doing a massage from the inside of the body, reaching stuck energies such as heavy emotions, physical pain, tension and any energy that is ready to move forward with the power of sound vibrations.


This is usually accompanied with shruti box or guitar.

Transformational Sound Journey

A Sound Journey is an opportunity to bring some ease, rest and rejuvenation to the mind and body. 


 The journey can also be a very powerful transformational experience. The vibrations of sound have the power to unlock and remove obstacles, clear emotions and let go of traumas.


Each journey is different depending on what is being asked for the moment. I will be using different instruments, including soft wind instruments, frame drum, singing, tuning forks, guitar and various sounds.

The sound bath can also include "Otto tuner" tuning forks : Directly used on the body to help align your physical structure, the Otto Tuner resonates the bones, stimulates the nerves and releases tension from the body.

Emotional Clearing

EMOTIONAL CLEARING is a safe, gentle yet powerful guided process that enables you to release difficult or painful feelings, attain radiant emotional and physical health, and realize your full potential.


Theta Healing is a modality that reminds us how to connect to the healing energies of Unconditional Love.

It allows us to recognize limiting beliefs, patterns and programs and shift them for positive useful programs.


$100 per hour

Sliding scale available on demand for low incomes.


Here are the different techniques and modalities I am offering during healing sessions, I often combine them, tuning in what is most needed and appropriate for the moment. 

I offer you a free 20 min phone consultation so that you can asses whether working together feels right.

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