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Workshops and Classes

ThetaHealing© Basic DNA, 3 days course

    ThetaHealing© is a simple yet very powerful technique that can be used to heal the body and mind, to help yourself and others.
ThetaHealing© allows us to understand and change the automatic patterns that exist in our subconscious. We clean fears, regrets, resentments that are deeply rooted in our subconscious and that rule our every day lives.
Through ThetaHealing© we have the opportunity to connect to the healing energy that surrounds us, the feeling of unity and unconditional love. This method combines a simple visualization with an intention/prayer. This technique was developed by Vianna Stibal and is now taught in 27 countries.


    This 3 days course consists of the basic understanding and application of the ThetaHealing© technique. In three days, you will learn the basic tools of the technique and learn enough to become a ThetaHealing© practitioner.


    The Basic DNA course is also an individual process which is helping you opening your intuitive skills and discovering your conscious and unconscious beliefs. One of the core aspects of the training is to work on limiting beliefs.  We use a method called digging, which employs muscle testing to identify the roots of those limiting beliefs. Later we learn how to replace them with positive ones, in order to create instant changes physically, emotionally and spiritually .

Other topics and exercises taught during the class :

- How to connect and consciously use Theta brain waves
- Intuitive body scan
- Instant healing techniques
- How to recognize and shift limiting beliefs
- Introduction to manifesting in your life
- Learn discernment when working with guides and guardian angels
- Introduction to the 7 planes of existence


    At the end of the three days of training, each participant will receive a diploma from the school of Vianna Stibal, "Think ThetaHealing Institute Of Knowledge".



- There are no scheduled workshop at the moment, contact me if you are interested so I can add you to the mailing list.



- The Price is 400.00 USD
- There are a few scholarship available. If you feel like you might be eligible for a scholarship please write a letter explaining your situation. 
- Your registration will be confirmed after we receive your deposit of $100 (non refundable) 
The price includes :
- The 80 pages Basic DNA manual that gives you all you need to remember how to practice ThetaHealing back home.
- The book ThetaHealing (from Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing)
- Snacks and tea (Lunch is not included)

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