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Saxophone and Hang

At the SAND conference

In 2016 Laura Inserra and I have had the pleasure to play at the SAND (Science And Nonduality) conference in San Jose.

 One of those magical moment when time stops...

Brazilian Music

Diz que eu fui por ai - Guara E Juba

Andrew Mac Leroy is a fantastic singer, together we have a repertoire of Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba.

Devotional, Indian fusion

Saas Saas Simro Gobind

Shivpreet Singh is one of the deepest voice I ever met, I am fortunate to be collaborating with him.

Sound Healing Live Music

Murmurations Duo at the Mystical Moon Gate

Filmed live in the Redwood forest at the Mystical Moon Gate in Montclair California.

More about Murmurations Duo :

Sound Healing Live Music

Murmurations - Murmurations Duo

From the Album Starlings by Murmurations Duo with my dear friends Suellen Primost on Cello and Laura Inserra on Hang Drum.

Music for traveling far away and letting the body and mind rest, relax and heal.

Gypsy music

Lazy life - Sumsum

Music for Gypsy party with the fantastic Israeli band Sumsum

Gypsy music

Opa Cupa - La vache Qui Rit

A traditional Serbian song Opa Cupa played by La Vache Qui Rit. 

They made me the honor to play the alto sax on this recording.

Original Composition

Bobodo - Sumsum

Gypsy band Sumsum from Israel, playing a song I wrote.

On this track I am playing the Bariton sax.

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Original  Composition

Diato 54, some celtic inspirations

Original  Composition

Bram, some inspirations from India.

Middle Eastern 

Kharej Hal Makan with Jordanian singer Basel Khoury

Blaze - Nava Tehila
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Reggae Music

Blaze, with Israeli Praying ensemble Nava Tehila

Celebration in the village - Be Toch Klipa
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Indian/Israeli Music

From the Album Be toch Klipa, inspired by Gujara traditional music. With Yaron Peer and Mark Eliyahu