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"Jeremy's workshops are a practice in the magic of going somewhere that has never existed and will never exist again, as a group and as individuals, creating moments that may leave us changed forever" Will Roger - Berkeley California

Improvisationis the art of listening and embracing whatever is happening in the moment. From there comes the unexpected creativity : magical and surprising. Stepping back and witnessing music and sound happening.

During this playshop we are playing with sound, voice and music, stretching our mind beyond the usual definition of music, experimenting different aspects of improvisation : the melodic improvisation as well as the atonal improvisation (not using any scale). Letting go of the idea : “I have to play the right note” and getting more self confident trusting the beauty of being present with what is being created in the present moment whatever it sounds like.


We often use the help of a few guidelines to help us stretch our improvisation skills. During improvisation we also encounter our egos, its beauty and challenges, discovering how to maneuver between being in the front and being supportive in the back.


For who?

Everybody is welcome, beginners and more advanced musicians, technique is useful but not required for improvisation. We mostly use the the voice so if you play an instrument bring it, if not then no worries.

Where and When?

There are no planned workshops for now, contact me if you wish to schedule one together. 


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